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We could persuade clients to tell you how good we are all day long, but
what would that prove? So lets hear it from the horses mouth instead.
Albasas, is an accountancy practice established in the early 1990's, by myself Robert Mitchell. Since its inception this accountancy
and taxation practice has successfully steered through periods of massive change and rationalisation in accountancy and taxation regulations as brought about by successive changes to various HMRC tax regimes and accounting standards. Demand for our accountancy and taxation services via this public practice is constant. The focus here is on providing existing small businesses, new start-ups, and laterally EU economic migrants, with practical business advice. Our clients are located throughout the greater Glasgow area and the central belt of Scotland. All are diverse in their economic activities. As a practising Accountant my experience is as varied as it is eclectic, but always modernist, with no fear of change, and not tinkering with what works best. Each business is different and this is so for accounting and taxation purposes too.

The firm is located in Glasgow and is fully licensed by the Association of Accounting Technicians. The Principal here, Robert Mitchell, is a former voluntary accountancy careers advisor with the AAT. The practice itself can proudly claim some of the credit for promoting and subsequently introducing the UK AAT qualification to a 'shy' Scottish economy way back in the 1990's.The AAT is now well established in the UK accounting profession and worldwide as an affiliate of the International Federation of Accountants.

We can supply both you or your business with a professional and up-to-date accounts and taxation service. We meet clients, either in person or by internet conferencing. My experience as Principal here, (Robert Mitchell), is undoubted in the accountancy and tax profession. Resulting in many satisfied clients. Services offered are designed to meet today's demanding tax filing regulations and also anticipate all HMRCs areas of contention every time a set of accounts and/or a tax computation are drawn up for a client.
Clients are offered audit exemption services for limited companies, partnership and all self employed accounts, and of course, all the relevant book-keeping and taxation services. All this subject to negotiations over terms of engagement. As a wide range of businesses use our services, these are tailored to exacting requirements, that are mutually beneficial for all external users of the financial information produced. The service features a friendly but professional environment, making it just right for contemporary minded civilised business people.

For more information, leave your contact details by voice mail or send an email, text, using the Contact Us, tab above right, in order to return your request.
Personalising things, as the Principal Accountant here, it is myself Robert Mitchell's pragmatic philosophy that issues about enterprise in Scottish society within both the economic dynamics of the UK and wider still, the EU, affect us all. One world. All our economic activity is of course fundamental to this, our own, Nation's wealth creation. It is often overlooked that your business is a part of it all. So in a sense, like bees in a hive, we all work for each other. For over 20 years now I have been fortunate to be in the creative side of it all. Now thanks to my own ability, hard work, and dedication to a professional career, I am now a competent, sought after, and well experienced Accountant in general practice.

For some years now, both as an individual and part of an audit team, I have worked on some prestige Public clients such as; SAAB UK;  the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company; and then; some more who will remain private and nameless such as famous actors, footballers, film producers, and rock musicians to boot. But obviously best of all are the small and medium sized business, or just an individual with a tax return to file. They bring real prestige to the Albasas practice. All the other stuff is just the icing on the cake and just some pride in my achievements, I do admit!
It is my goal to help you through all the bureaucracy and legalities of business by simply being of real assistance to you. In return you can make use of your own reality, by taking the advice I give, and then apply it as required to your own business operation. In doing this, hopefully we can all benefit.
Make no mistake about it, you are about to make an important decision of choice in just who you chose to advise you in the accountancy and taxation services market place. From the outset, you must feel that you have made a good choice. This can only be the case if you have found a services provider offering proven competence, experience and reputation to match. Not easy. That's why I'm well sought after! 
I hope that your own business philosophy is close enough to my own and you will soon be making an enquiry for any of my firm's services by contacting Albasas via the Contact Page. That's as good a start as I can hope for at this informal stage of introductions.
So countless have benefited from our advice over the years and references are available upon request. Such is the nature of client confidentiality and competition, we trust that you can understand, that we are proud of our achievements, but still not in the business of name dropping clients for any personal gain! A trait, I trust, you find reassuring. You can trust Albasas.
Robert Mitchell,
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