Albasas - Tax Enquiry Case Study Watch
Tax Enquiry Case Study Watch
On a basis, to protect the innocent, we have compiled some of our more memorable tax case anecdotes from over the last 20 years.

The tax office doesn't always get it right, play fair with its authority, or just plainly resist in personalising matters. Watch this unintentionally satirically sexist looking' space for more fun and jolly japes down at a tax office quite possibly near you. As usual nothing is ever black and white. Satire can often be less strange than the factual goings on......

Handling The EnquiryOverpaying Taxes.Handling Compliance Letter Stress
Closing The Enquiry
Paying The Right Taxes 

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(Before the changes HM Revenue & Customs made under the 'compliance checks'regime from 1 April 2009. Click Latest Technical News tab to the right.)

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                    "Some people are always on the look-out for a witch to burn" Anon.

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