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Albasas, by the Principal Robert Mitchell

At Albasas, the client base is cosmopolitan and diverse in demographic. Socially inclusive. In other words, reflecting the population and economic trends in modern day Scotland. Everyone is welcome here. Be they an individual with a tax return to file, to a corporation with more complex business operations. Up-to-date, and authoritatively sourced, we have comprehensive technical solutions for all your accountancy and taxation needs.  The many years of practical know-how and experience gathered here in practice and study, aligned to our undoubted professional commitment, make us amongst one of the best small and medium sized accountancy and taxation service providers in the Glasgow and the central Scotland belt. A caveat here: We respect all members of the, (wealth creating), community. Just as long as that wealth is created ethically, with respect for yourself, us, and has basic regard for others quality of life in this our Society. You would expect nothing less of course.
Now to introduce myself. Originally, driven in the 1980's by consumer rights activism, studying in doing so the law in this area, and society's attitudes towards more liberal regulation of the supply side of the UK economy to alls benefit, my name is Robert Mitchell. A Scot, I am the principal contact at Albasas, and an experienced provider of general accounting and taxation services, for going on for well over 3 decades. Both as a qualified Fellow Member of the AAT in public practice, a trainee accountant, chartered accountant's tax assistant, and an audit team member, all of this again gained in general public practice. I'm also qualified and have industry experience in stock control as a distribution manager. By nature, I am self motivated, gaining on my vocational and academic journey to date, a wealth of proven experience with many tangible results and positive outcomes to boot.

SAAB UK, the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company, Ski Club of Great Britain, peers of the realm, journalists,and some famous actors film producers and rock musicians to boot are just some of the perceived glamorous assignments I have been involved with down the years.

But, best of all, are the everyday straight forward clients- being the small and medium sized business or just an individual with a tax return to file. Obviously, with all the experience mentioned to date, I am confident that I have the undoubted, accountancy and taxation know-how, plus the necessary business acumen, that all enterprises out there require. So why put it off ? Get in contact.

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Generically speaking this is what we do.
 Albasas, deal with the vast majority of accounting issues and general tax advice. All other business administration  requirements such as PAYE, VAT, or even the many specialised or basic generic book-keeping systems that your enterprise will ever likely need or encounter are all available too. Its a comprehensive service. Just ask if you're unsure of what we do. For instance we offer basic debt counselling advice for those looking for a refinancing strategy during the present economic downturn.
The accounts and tax services are specifically tailored to meet the needs and issues of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals. Not to forget the end users of the information too. We can assist most businesses with accounting and tax issues up to a turnover of £10.2 million, and net balance sheet assets of no more than £5.1 million.
In other words: the majority of small and medium sized businesses.
Bear in mind though, that this is not a supermarket offering cans of beans for sale or other similar loss leaders. One size doesn't fit all.  Its a specialized business service offered. So the price charged for professional services will always vary depending on the size of your own business operation and the degree of professional skill and expertise that we bring to the table.
Albasas as an innovative prototype concept within the accounting and taxation service economy. Developing from way back in the early 1990's digital revolution, we where right at the technological forefront, in our approach to general accountancy and taxation practice services. We have evolved since due to both new legislative regimes and technological change over the years. This impacted upon the increasing variety of services offered as demanded by you the consumer. Change is necessary but not always consumer driven. In an ever changing world of big government and information technologies etc, with some careful planning, it need not be so painful, overwhelming or undermining.

This websites hopefully overall individual, original and non-generic feel is deliberate. Hopefully you like it!What you see is what you get here! Remember though, nuances such as those, as key in decision making they may be, are not the be all and end all of it. But we hope your sold already.

At Albasas we aim to keep your business matters both professional and friendly. We update our professional knowledge regularly so maintaining high levels of integrity in the regulated advice that we give to all our clients. Information is power. So naturally we will try lawfully to enforce professional privilege in connection with all our clients' matters at all times. Trust, sincerity and due diligence, when dealing with our clients' business affairs, are all  more than just pretentious token gestures here. I believe sincerity and professionalism, done without being over pious towards our clients are our unique combination of selling points.  
We take our work seriously at Albasas. Obviously you'd expect that! We do not masquerade as professionals. We just are. In return for sincerity though, we expect reasonable standards of competence and commonsense back from our clients. If not, providing a professional level of services, will be difficult to achieve, no matter what, your business aspirations are. 
We hope to meet anyone interested any day soon. Contact us.

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