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Albasas, now in its 25th year in practice, under the auspices of Robert Mitchell, Principal here, as part of the, Albasas Group, is, to the already initiated, about well established professionally regulated, significantly experienced, proven reliable, general practice, accountancy and taxation services, to both the UK public and Scottish Small & Medium Sized Enterprise sector.
Be you an individual, a one-man band, micro or small business, a partnership, or a company, or just any other small & medium sized business entity, we can offer, after a personal consultation, agreed suitable technically tailored bespoke accountancy & taxation solutions, to fit your own business purpose. Remember though, one size doesn't necessarily fit all, as each consultation is as unique as you are! That's the basics, but as usual, there are, of course, many procedural compliance issues placed on UK entrepreneurial activity, that need to be considered. Let's explore that further now? 

Today's often sophisticated & over elaborate UK government transitional attempts into bringing about 'Making Tax Digital', are, unsurprisingly then, very often perceived and misunderstood by us all as naked 'Orwellian Big Brother' tax administration policies. All used covertly to regulate all entrepreneurial, employment, savings and investment activities, via digital tax information in 'real time'. In all certainty, you will need simple and clear guidance, (with no naive compromise in client confidentiality as an unintended by-product!), round it all. This to avoid your enterprise making innocent, or at worse, careless tax mistakes. That's where we can come in with your cooperation of course.
We know that the advice offered by the small business accounting and taxation service economy is at times bewildering to taxpayers and enterprises. In a risky, competitive, esoteric but regulated free market environment you want advice, with a human touch, that is reliable, even though each business is circumstantially unique in its personality. Understanding this area of socio-economic activity will ultimately bring rewards to those successful operators with access to a very thorough knowledge of its dynamics. Keeping up-to-date, experienced and hence competent is key here. Constantly being careless about such issues, even with innocent intent, can gradually build up admin problems and get even most onerous, if, in compliance terms, end users of your accountancy and taxation reports feel that you have come up short. Who needs that? 
All this need not be so. After receiving the appropriate advice & guidance from us, you will find that, with your own input and cooperation, that we are very well placed to defend your position, not just 'rolling over' easily either etc. Especially, if some contention or other about your record keeping, bookkeeping etc is somehow the focus of HMRC's increasing array of various tax compliance techniques, as has been known to happen. Quite simply we can help you make financial and fiscal sense out of it all. You can then get on with translating the bottom line in business- profit, into capital growth, and, indeed wealth creation which benefits both you, the economy, and Society as a whole.   

We're more than just bean counters here, not adding any value to your enterprise. Like a helpful invisible hand, we're there to guide, prompt or nudge you through today's maze of UK & now devolved accountancy and taxation issues in the self-assessment tax decision-making process. Helping maintain your business activities as fit for purpose and transparent within today's accountancy and tax compliance issues is our intended brief.   
Finally, each client is unique as you and so no two businesses by default are the same.

We're Authorised by The Association of Accounting Technicians under members No. F1945 details of our professional indemnity insurance are available upon request. 
Principal: Robert Mitchell, FMAAT, ICPA, SHND, SNC, is specifically licensed and regulated by The AAT. A professional body by HM Treasury in compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations.

Our accountancy, taxation and all other licensed & regulated services are from the below eclectic but ubiquitous usual mixed list 

For The Digital Era Basic Record Keeping & Book-keeping Solutions,  
Accounts Preparation, Payroll Services (RTI), VAT Returns,
Audit Exemption Reports, Internal Audit, Independent Examination, & Limited Assurance Engagements.

All Company, Partnership, & Personal Income Tax Returns,
Overpaid Taxes Amended, VAT, PAYE,& CIS Accounting Matters. 
Any Buy To Let, Capital Gains Tax, & Inheritance Tax Issues.
HMRC Compliance Checks, Basic Or Full & Whether Aspect or Full Enquiries, to HMRC Initial Enabling/Nudging Letters or Tax Notices / Penalties Issued. Appeals, & Statutory Reviews of Tax Matters.
In Short Most Types Of Tax Dispute Work Undertaken- If Viable.

Management Accounting, Budgeting & Forecasting, Small Business Plans, Self Employed / Director Mortgage Introductions, Regulated Company Formations, MTD Accounting Solutions / Confidential Cost-Effective Cloud Accounting Systems, Migrating All Manual Records / Spreadsheet Systems To Today's Digital Era User-Friendly Formats.  
The Viable Reordering of Tax Matters, Tax Tribunal Support Advice / Related Advocacy Issues. Pension Auto Enrollment Obligation Issues.
Forensic Accounting / Investigations, & Due Diligence In Business.  

Nb can turn on/, as below. A salient reminder, perhaps, that as strange as it may seem, accountancy is more art than science!
Albasas- Techno Accountants For
The Digital Age By Robert Mitchell
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You'll be in good hands, so if still in doubt read on. 

A regulated general accountancy and taxation public practice for over 25 years now, under the auspices of a professionally trained qualified and experienced general practice, commercially experienced by industry accountant and former AAT Career Adviser. The principal partner here is Robert Mitchell. Unsurprisingly, we take much pride date successfully assisting many diverse businesses, and/or individual taxpayers, in complying both with their accounts & tax deadlines. Allowing their enterprise to grow, and of course, being there as a reliable pro when those routine but very necessary HMRC compliance matters crop up. 

An AAT Licensed practice, please don't confuse us with some other 'have a go hero accountants', out there, who come and go in the market for your services. Post commercial experience and professional articled training and qualification, we've been in general public practice for over 2 decades now and are regularly licensed and audited as fit for purpose. We have a wealth of experience under the steady practice management of the Principal here, Robert Mitchell, a most experienced tax professional and accountant. To date, the practice manages a broad portfolio of owner managed and small business clients.  

Albasas has obviously accumulated decades of sound general practice advice, operating competently and annually licensed as technically fit for purpose in the UK regulated accountancy and taxation market, by The AAT. Fully licensed regulated Members In Practice follow the prevailing guidance from the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and The International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB). Practice reviews are undertaken by the Quality Assurance Department of the ICAE&W. All regulated activities, technical guidance and basic academic skill sets, that you, the UK Public and HMRC, as regulators, demand or expect from us. We are also Independent Certified Practising Accountants (ICPA), and Federation of Small Business, FSB, members.
Again, your Principal contact here is Robert Mitchell with around 30 professional, academic, and general practice work experience. Why not put any of your accountancy and taxation, questions or proposals to him now for professional consideration? We welcome all genuine requests.

Initial consultations are by: 
    Telephone: 0141 404 6115

        Mobile: 07889 277552


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Robert Mitchell is licensed and regulated by AAT under licence No. F1945